Environmental Impacts

“The Branch is opposed to all forms of cycling on all roads, trails and tracks in wilderness areas, and the policy intent should take the same approach so that Plans of Management do not allow it”
— National Parks Association of New South Wales

“The environmental disadvantages of introducing mountain biking tourism to an area are invariably understated, or not stated at all. This is a great disservice to local environments that often include threatened Australian native plants, mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates. This is bad news:

⦁ Bikes trails fragment, degrade and disturb wildlife habitats
⦁ Bikes can spread serious plant diseases such as Phytophthora
⦁ Bikes can cause erosion and siltation of creeks
⦁ Bikes can spread weeds through native bushland
⦁ Bikes can disturb nesting animals such as the endangered (in Tasmania) Wedge-tailed eagle
⦁ Bikes can disturb/destroy micro-habitats for smaller animals such as the endangered Blind Velvet Worm
⦁ Bikes can disturb habitat for threatened Eastern quolls, now extinct on mainland Australia and declining in Tasmania

Scientific Literature on Environmental Impacts



Eastern Quoll

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